70% of the cases are solved in the Women’s House in Al-Gharbia township

Al-Hasakah – Women’s House in Al-Gharbia township in Al-Hasakah continues to provide women’s awareness lessons through intellectual seminars to ware women to their rights and duties and solve social problems related to women in Al-Hasakah from divorce, inheritance and other problems.

The joint presidency of the Women’s House in “Al-Gharbia township in” Hassaka ,”Shahla Younis” talked about the nature and course of their work and she confirmed that the Women’s House is keen to solve all issues related to women from divorce, inheritance, family violence cases against women and others.

Shahla Yunus explained the nature of their work that the complaints are submitted to them at the request of the parents, who, in turn, send a memorandum to the defendant regardless of the type of case and work to solve the case as mutually agreed as possible.

“Shahla Yunus” added as a “Women’s House” opens intellectual and cultural seminars related to divorced and widowed women in particular and women in general to aware them to their rights and duties towards themselves, their society and their homeland as a free woman in a free democratic society.

She confirmed that 70% of the cases that they receive are solved because most cases end consensually between the two parties because most of them are divorce or inheritance issues.

It is worth to mention that the Women’s House in Al-Gharbia township in Al-Hasakah has two committees: the justice and Reconciliation Commission, each has its own work and functions.

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