Outcome Of Engagements In The Battle To Defeat Terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Terrorists of Deash tried to attack the positions of our forces, and then violent engagements broke out, and our artillery bombed the positions of the terrorists. The front saw engagements with PKc and RPG when the terrorists tried to attack our positions with Dushka weapons from several sides, while calm returned to the lines of contact between our fighters and a terrorist.

Our forces achieved three-pronged progress and 46 points were installed:

In the first axis, a distance of 3 km

On the second axis, a distance of 2 km

In the third axis, a distance of 3 km

Despite attempts by terrorists to disrupt the advance of our fighters, our forces continued to advance, our fighters managed to destroy a terrorist tunnel, and one of the international coalition aircraft carried out air strikes against the Daesh sites, where four terrorists were killed in those strikes.

In the direction of Al-Sousse, our fighters managed to advance in one axis, and 17 points were installed. The terrorists tried to block the advance of our forces by detonating a car bomb that resulted in two of our fighters being promoted to martyrdom and wounding 3 others. As a result, our fighters closed down all the secondary roads leading to that area.

In the context of the battle between our forces and a terrorist in the vicinity of the town of Sousse, our forces hastened the terrorist organization and launched a surprise attack on their fortifications inside the town and engaged them directly in their strongholds.

The clashes, which began in the early hours of the morning, continue with the marked advance of our forces inside the Sousse and the retreat of the terrorists into the town. As part of the continuous fighting in AL-Sousse, our forces-controlled half of the town.

In the ongoing battles inside and around the town, our forces managed to sniper a suicide car bomb in the vicinity of Mozan village (Al-Sfaxoun), killing him and the control of our forces on the car bomb

2-Hajin axis: The thunderstorm in the region last night led to the explosion of three mines planted by the terrorists in the vicinity of the positions of our forces without any injuries.

 3- Al-Bahra axis: Terrorists fired two missiles at one of our military vehicles loaded with Dushka’s weapon, which caused damage without any of our fighters. It was followed by mortar fire on the positions of our fighters without causing any harm.

The area witnessed enemy movements, where our forces targeted these movements, and an international coalition fighter carried out two air strikes on terrorist positions on that axis.

In the context of the follow-up and meticulous pursuit by our special units in the “battle to defeat terrorism”, especially in the area of ​​securing the liberated villages, our forces were able to explore and dismantle a large number of mines and explosives planted by the terrorist organization in the vicinity of the village of al- Abu Hammam) near the town of Bahra.

The seized and dismantled explosives were multiple types of mines and in large quantities, which the terrorist organization had planted on the ordinary roads used by people in their daily lives, taking advantage of the dust storm that hit the region earlier, to inflict the greatest harm on people and massacres of villagers.

The final outcome of the engagements:

Air strikes carried out by the Coalition: 7 air strikes

Number of points installed: 63 points

Number of martyrs: 2

Number of wounded: 3

Terrorists killed: 14 terrorists

Terrorist physical losses: destruction of 3 buildings and fortifications, in addition to the destruction of a tunnel and a bulldozer for terrorists

SDF. Media Center

22 October 2018

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