A cultural evening at Tabqa center of the cultural

The Cultural and Art Committee organized a cultural evening in cooperation with the democratic civil administration of Tabqa, entitled “From under the rubble we have reared our thought and culture” to open the destroyed department of the cultural center.

During the evening, the opening speech was given by Firas Al-Ramdan, Director of the Cultural Center in Tabqa. He welcomed the guests and said: “From the rubble and destruction we open the destroyed section of the Cultural Center and the Forum of Poets, Writers and Intellectuals. Al-Ramdan thanked all those who contributed to cleaning and rehabilitating the center from workers, administrators and technicians.

The children group of the Cultural Center presented a children’s play entitled (Fox and Rabbit) and Dabkeq of the Arab and Kurdish Heritage.

The evening ended by the singing songs from the heritage of Raqqa city.

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