A flash about the life of a martyr

The martyrs have great virtue in God, for what they have done and provided in order to preserve their religion and nobleness, and we owe them our lives because they defended us and their land. And the martyr “Maher Alwais” one of the martyrs who gave his blood to the redemption of his people and his homeland.

Martyr “Maher” from Homs city “Baba Amr” neighborhood, descended from Homs family, he and his family fled from oppression and injustice of regime to Raqqa city, aged twenty years, married with two children, as the same as young people who suffered from injustice and terrorism.

At the start of the Battle of Liberation of Raqqa, he joined SDF and underwent several political and military exercises. He fought many battles in Deir EZ-Zour.

After liberating several areas of the city, while he and his comrades combed the residential buildings, a mine of terrorist remnants exploded as result of that he and three of his comrades martyred in the battles of the championship and redemption to sow his blood in the soil of his dear homeland Syria.

SDF . Media Center


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