a leader in SDF : Turkish attacks on our areas is considered as aid hand for ISIS

“Turkey’s attacks on Kobani countryside and Tel Ebyid villages is considered as giving ISIS aid hand to organize it’s ranks ,” said Hakki Kobani, a leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

He added our forces have incurred heavy losses during our ongoing campaign in Deir al-Zour against ISIS.”
Haqqi said that the Turkish Government had shelled today Kobani countryside and Tel Ebyad villages while the four- meeting parts was taking place in Istenbul city, he noted that these attacks are giving more chances for ISIS to launch attacks on the safe areas in Northern Syria.

He pointed out that the international community should make attitude towards the Turkish attacks on safe areas in Syria, saying that those attacks are giving a lifeline for ISIS terrorists which is approaching from it’s final defeat in Deir ez zor, adding that these attacks are giving a chance for ISIS to organize it’s ranks.

at the end of his speech, Haqqi said that they will not be silent towards the Turkish shelling on the safe areas saying that they will do their duty in protecting the region and the people in these areas.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey shelled the countryside of Kobani city and Tel Ebyad villages this morning, which led to the death of a fighter from the self-defense forces plus the injury of several civilians.

SDF.Media Center

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