Advisory meeting for members of the Economic body

Hasakeh – The Economic Commission of Hasakah province held a meeting of its members to assess the work that had done during the last period and discuss the ways to develop the agricultural and economic reality in the province.

The meeting began by a minute of silence on the martyrs’ souls followed by a speech by Amin Hasakah, the joint president of the Economic body, who spoke about the importance of the province because it is very rich in agriculture and ancient archaeological treasures, and mineral resources such as oil. He noted the need for women and youth to participate in the process of economic advancement.

The administrative in the body “Delbak Delkhaz stressed on the importance of agriculture in the world and its role in the development of nations and peoples, and gave a simple explanation of the state of the global, regional and local economy, and “Dilkhaz” called on to intensify efforts to promote agriculture in the Syrian north in general and Especially since this region has its total dependence on agriculture. as a participants discussed the economic projects completed and the agricultural situation in the past year and listened to the opinions of the administrators to draw up a plan for the next year. The most important of these was to aware the farmers about the need to carry out the agricultural cycle to reduce the diseases that affect crops, including the cotton worm which caused great damage and heavy losses this season.

In conclusion, it was agreed to study the region further to develop an economic plan that is well appropriate to the nature and terrain of the region.

SDF . Media Center


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