AL-kahrbaa district one year since liberation

Raqqa – As the first anniversary of the liberation of Raqqa city by SDF from the hands of the terrorist organization approaches, it is considered one of the days of liberation of the most important neighborhoods of Raqqa AL-kahbraa district” Electricity district”,

AL-kahrbaa district ” is one of the most important neighborhoods of Raqqa as a point of contact between three neighborhoods, the neighborhood “Bedouins” to the west and the neighborhood of “Rumaila” to the east and the neighborhood “AL- kattair” to the north and the population of the neighborhood about 2500 people.

AL-kahrbaa district ” Witnessed the most intense battles because of its closeness to the Bedouin neighborhood, the last bastion of Daesh organization who was taking civilians to be used as human shields.

After the fighting ended in Raqqa city and after cleaning the neighborhood from the remnants of the war, the families began to return to the neighborhood gradually. About 1500 residents of the neighborhood returned. Raqqa Civil Council presented the living needs of the residents in the neighborhood with humanitarian assistance and services.

Mahmoud al-Ali recalled the battles that took place in the neighborhood: It was one of the fiercest battles, and the terrorists of Daesh organization arrested citizens from all neighborhoods of Raqqa city, the terrorists gathered civilians in AL-kahraa district to be human shields.

Mahmoud Al-Ali addressed a letter of thanks to the People’s Council, Raqqa Civil Council and all those who contributed to reconstruction, for their efforts in clearing rubble, opening roads, opening schools, providing drinking water to the neighborhood and other services.

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