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Alok” Station Feeds Al- Hasakah and its countryside with Water “

Al-Hasakah – Alok water station in Sri Kana/ Ras Al-Ain /city feeds Hasakah with drinking water. Where it feeds a number of towns and villages with water through dedicated underground pipes, from al-Tibba al-Dawudiyya and AL-mdbaa villages, and through Tal Tamer Town and the surrounding villages to Hasakah city and its villages on the western line.

About 30 water wells ,12 pumps are included in the station, and a large water tank with a storage capacity of 25,000 cubic meters, which is used to store water for use in the event of a malfunction of the plant.

The station is working for 12 hours daily due to lack of electricity, and during this period only 6 pumps and about 20 wells operate.

The station is one of the most important stations in AL- Jazeera territory because of the quality of water in it, Sri Kana / Ras Al Ain / city water is known by its Purity and solitude.

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