An educational seminar on agricultural crops in Raqqa

Raqqa – The Committee of Agriculture in Raqqa Civil Council organized an educational seminar in the lecture hall, in the presence of all extension units and agricultural committees in the councils and a number of farmers.

During seminar, a lecture was given on the barley crop delivered by Mohammed Wisso, the administrative director of the agricultural committee, explaining the economic importance of barley crop, which is ranked second in the world economically, and the most important methods of cultivation and its approved varieties.

This seminar comes as part of a series of awareness and educational seminars to improve the expertise of the workers in the committees and extension units in addition to raise farmer awareness in order to develop and success and raise the level of agricultural activities.

“Jassim Al-Hussein” one of the peasants in Raqqa countryside: These lessons are very important because barley is one of the most important crops we have, especially as we learn in it the most important ways to grow and types of seeds, and how to deal with diseases that may appear.

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