“Authentic Arabian Horses” is a continuous cultural heritage

Raqqa – The breeding and preservation of authentic Arabian Horses is one of the most important customs and traditions that have existed since ancient times.

In the modern era, these customs were almost extinct from the history and heritage of our people, had it not been for the adherence of some breeders of horses to these customs and traditions to preserve the progeny of authentic Arabian horses.

These horses are named in the original Arabic because they are characterized by their own characteristics such as their ability to high endure and not to breed with others, and their properties also to the owner and the launch of the sounds of continuous hymns when it saw any stranger is approaching it.

The Arabian horses currently exist are types (Saqlawi – Hamdani – Almnak Sbili – Hifi), which are very rare breeds, and we have been breeding horses here for hundreds of years and we kept them Through time, we have not neglected this important cultural and civilized heritage that distinguishes our region from others.

Taisyr AL-Afat ” one of the breeders of horses “We must differentiate in our talk about horses between the horse stable and the horse farm,”. “Anyone can collect and breed horses for commerce or for other purposes.

As for the stall, the breeding of authentic Arabian horses has documented proportions and is preserved to increase their offspring because they are considered part of the region heritage, and we are now in one of these horse stables which remained in Syria only four ones.

He spoke about the difficulties that faced them  in raising horses “As an attempt to take out these horses to foreign countries and harass of some those who ruled the area in order to seize these rare horses, who ruled the area in order to seize these rare horses, the number of horses in this facility has decreased from 55 to 30 horses because of what we have suffered in the past period.

Despite all these circumstances, the original horses returned to receive wide attention in the Syria north through the organization of competitions and festivals. Several horses from this center have won the first rank at Tal Abyad and Tabqa festivals.

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