Awareness course for military vehicles drivers

Al-Hasakah – In the first step of its kind in the Syrian north, in cooperation with the Office of Military Mechanisms in Al-Hasakah Square and Civil Traffic, the Martyr Shahrku Academy opened a training course to Train and awareness the military vehicles drivers.

The course follows after the increase in the number of traffic accidents, which were military vehicles causing it, which led to a wave of criticism by the people on the way that the drivers drive these vehicles, especially in cities

The course was attended by aboutdrivers of vehicles belonging to the military points in Al-Hasakah and it will last for  10 days in which they will receive theoretical lessons and learn about all parts of the car and the function of each part, as well as the meanings and indications of all the traffic lights on the roads. On driving within narrow roads and winding paths.

For his part, the coach, “Mohammed Fattah” from civil traffic explained that the new instructions for speed inside and outside cities, so that the speed within the cities does not exceed 40 km / h, and outside 100 km / h.

Fattah called on all drivers to Full compliance with all instructions and safety standards.

SDF . Media Center


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