“Bait El Mouna” is a Successful Experience for Women’s Job

Tabqa – After the Women’s Committee opened Beit El Mouna in Tabqa city, to help women to become self-reliant and become active members of society. The center began preparing the winter Mouna because vegetables are Available in the summer during their seasons to store them for the winter.

“I came to the center to develop my abilities and to rely on myself to secure my need. This project helped many widowed and divorced women to provide income to support their children and their homes,” “Batul Al Mouna”, a worker at the center said:

As the administrative “Izdihar Abdul Aziz” in Beit El-Mouna said: The project comes as a humanitarian initiative provided by Tabqa woman committee to help many women with low incomes.

She added: “We at the Women’s Council always seek that woman will be an active and essential part of society and she is able to rely on herself and raise up her children, even if it is alone in the absence of her husband.

At the end of her speech, Izdihar pointed out that the Women’s Council has several projects under study to implement them to provide other Job opportunities for women.

SDF . Media Center


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