Breaking News: Our forces dismantle a large number of mines

In the context of the follow-up and careful pursuit by our special units in the battle to defeat terrorism, in particular the work to secure liberated villages and remove all traces of terrorist organization, our forces were able to explore and dismantle a large number of mines and explosives that the terrorist organization had planted in the vicinity of the village “Aljrdi” adjacent to the village, “Abu Hamam” near the town of “Bahra”.

The seized and dismantled explosives were multiple types of mines and in large quantities, which the terrorist organization had planted on the ordinary roads used by people in their daily lives, taking advantage of the dust storm that hit the area earlier, in order to inflict the greatest harm on the people and Committing massacres of villagers.

The military engineering units, which carry out their normal operations in all areas of engagement and the rear lines of the fighting, and with the cooperation of the people with them seized the places of explosives, and dismantled and removed and secured roads and routes for civilians.

SDF. Media Center

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