“Civil Councils” meet in Mansoura

Tabqa -an expanded meeting of “civil councils” of Mansoura and its countryside, held in Mansoura to discuss the organizational and service situation in the city and its countryside.

The heads of the councils in Mansoura and its villages were at the head of the audience with a number of people, elders and dignitaries of clans in the region.

The official of the local and organizational councils in the region, “Damhat Gherniya” spoke about the need for organization in the community so that people can promote themselves and become more effective in it, in all fields, whether organizational or service.

On the meeting, he said: “Today we discussed with the committees the difficulties that have faced the city since its liberation until today, including the problems of fuel, agriculture, building permits and others, in addition to the problems and difficulties facing the people in general

People’s municipality in Mansoura, the Education Committee and the local council presented the works they have done since the liberation of the city to the present time, from repair to electricity, rehabilitation of schools and the treatment of water and sanitation problems.

The supervisors of works therefore pledged to solve the problems that are facing the committees and the people.

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