Clarification regarding military operations in Euphrates River Basin

Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF continue their military operations to liberate the Syrian lands and people, and eliminate ISIS in its last pockets in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.
ISIS terrorists continue to launch counter-attacks, taking advantage of adverse weather conditions and lack of vision due to sandstorms in the region. Which was carried out by the ISIS on the morning of Friday October 26, 2018. SDF managed to repels the attack with the  support of the international coalition forces, while the fighting continues, ISIS suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives.
Despite the daily sacrifices made by Syrian Democratic Forces in the face of terrorism, we emphasize that the “Battle to Defeat Terrorism” continues until its objectives are achieved in the final defeat of ISIS.

As a result of the fierce clashes, 14 of our fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom, while others were wounded.

The clashes and battles continue until the moment of preparation of this clarification.

Kino Gabriel
SDF Spokesperson

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