Completion of 95% of the “sewage project”

Tabqa – in the work of the “People’s Municipality” in Tabqa city to restore the city to its beautiful splendor, from paving roads and the painting of sidewalks and streets dividers, to beautify the gardens and other works.

Sewage projects are one of the most important activities carried out by Tabqa people municipality, which has an impact on the public health of the lives of people, especially children.

People’s Municipality in cooperation with “the Emaar Group” has started rehabilitating sewage and water networks in Tabqa city

The Executive Engineer in People’s Municipality “Ahmed Al-Doh” talked about this project and stressed the presence of workshops in the “Zaidia district” to complete the final phase of the sewage project, which extends for170 meters, was completed 80%, and this is the last step of the completion of the project Sanitation in Tabqa city, after finishing work on Fayez Mansour Street, and ALhai al aweal.

  It is worth to mention that this project is one of the most important projects to protect the environment, the huge unspeakable pollution and the runoff of polluted water that formed into Surface swamps, which led to the spread of pollution in Tabqa city.

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