Conclusion of the First Conference of the Martyrs’ Families in the Syrian North

Tabqa – The first conference of the families of the martyrs continued the discussion of the works they have done since the establishment of the Foundation of the families of martyrs in all regions of the Syrian north, and the services they provided to the families of the martyrs

The representatives of the foundations of the families of the martyrs in Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir EZ-Zour began to read the works they carried out, such as providing aid and winter clothes, and providing homes for the families of the martyrs whose homes were damaged by the war and its rehabilitation. As well as the rehabilitation of the martyrs’ cemeteries in Tabqa, Deir EZ-Zour and Raqqa.

Then “Aref Bali” the member of the Foundation of the families of martyrs in Syrian north reviewed the problems and difficulties that the families of the martyrs have suffered from the health, material and moral problems, and pledged to discuss these problems and stand on them and solve them.

Hind Al Ali gave a speech on behalf of the civil administration in Tabqa: “We welcome the Attendees and the distinguished guests, especially The Saints the mothers and wives of the righteous martyrs, a mercy for them who are alive in our hearts and the torches of light that illuminate the way ahead of us and, A tribute of reverence and pride to their sacrifices, to the determination of their mothers who do not hesitate.

Finally, the rules of procedure of the institution of martyrs’ families were discussed in the areas of Raqqa, Deir EZ-Zour and Tabqa the members of the families of the martyr’s foundations performed the Oath to follow the way that drawn by the martyrs.

It had received congratulatory telegrams to Conference from the Department of AL-jazeera Territory, the Civil Council, the Religious Affairs Foundation in Deir EZ-Zour and the Women’s Council in Raqqa.

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