Daily military exercises in regiment Martyr “Redor” in Tabqa

Tabqa – SDF strengthen its forces and expand its military range, in conjunction with its liberation of various regions and the increase of geographical area, especially after its recent victories in the battle to defeat terrorism.

Military and political exercises continue day by day in the regiment of the Martyr Redor Al-Jarniya. The training includes military tactics and training on light and medium weapons, including martial arts, streets warfare methods and its applications, and political and intellectual lessons

 “Saiyd Tabqa” the military Trainer of the martyr “Redor” regiment talked about the military exercises and their applications and political lessons, saying: all the continue and regular, distributed on the hours allocated to it, we as military trainers try to do our best to upgrade fighters physically and morally, and receive new fighters and fighters from other military regiments Who need military and political training. So far, two courses have been completed of fighters, and they have been assigned to different points in Tabqa, Al-Raqqa and Deir EZ-Zour, and some of them remained in the regiment.

“Mohammed al-Humaidi” born in Tabqa / 1994 / and one of the fighters, who are joining the training of the regiment said:

“I joined SDF at the beginning of 2017 and went through several courses. I participated in part of the campaign to liberate Tabqa and its countryside, and I am now here to train and strengthen myself militarily to participate in the rest of the Battle of Easifat AL- Jazeera which is in its final stage “.

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