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Dallah Roundabout ……..  an evidence of generosity of Raqqa people

Raqqa – A year after the liberation of Al-Khadra roundabout,( Dallah) one of the most prominent landmarks in the city, and a symbol of generosity and tenderness that the city people have.

It was not only a moral victory to liberate the green roundabout of the region, it was a breach of terror because by liberating it, the abomination of terrorism in the city was completely eradicated after the region witnessed the most intense battles.

Terror tried to blur its features and distort its connotations, making it a place to implement their brutal provisions of murder, Demolition of bodies and other means of torture that were belong to Daesh terrorists.

Terrorists set up their biggest checkpoint, Hessba checkpoint, which was strangling the city and civilians, restricting trade in the area after the sales movement was active.

“Malik Mohammed,” one of the first residents who returned to the city said: After the end of the fighting ,the working groups began to remove remnants of war from mines and soil barriers and others.

“When they were allowed to return to the neighborhood, the residents who fled during the control of Daesh gradually returned more than 400 families from the neighborhood, in addition to the arrival of displaced people from Deir EZ-Zour.

Mohammed recalled his friends who were martyred in Raqqa city while participating in Qazab AL-Furat campaign to liberate their city.

Al-Mohammad addressed a message of thanks to SDF, the Internal Security Forces, People’s Municipality in Raqqa and Raqqa Civil Council for their tremendous efforts that brought the pulse of life back to Raqqa city.

For his part, “Ahmed Ibrahim, the head of People’s Municipality in Raqqa Congratulated the city people, the anniversary of the liberation of their city and stressed that we continue to provide services and are determined to restore life and rebuild the city.

It is worth to mention that despite all the tragedies and wars in the region, AL- Dala remains a sign of the generosity and hospitality of the people of Raqqa city. The surrounding streets are crowded with civilians after the commercial movement has flourished.

SDF . Media Center

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