Distribution of/ 20000 / A school bag in Raqqa schools

Raqqa – The Education Committee distributed school bags to students from grades 1 through 4 in Ali bin Abi Talib school.

Ali Shannan, head of the Education committee in Raqqa and its villages, said: “We have finished distributing school bags to the students at Sateh Al-Husri School, Jenin School and Abi Ibn Talib School. Today we are distributing in Ali Bin Abi Talib School. The total number of school bags is 20,000 bags, which were Received from the International Alliance.

 About the works that they follow up, Al-Shanan said: that the schools opened on 16/9/2018, and the number of operating schools / 281 / school, accommodates more than / 110 / thousand students, where the Education Committee supervises the existing teaching work, Fences and installation of surfboards, distribution of drinking water tanks, in addition to the distribution of school bags.

SDF .Media Center


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