Drivers’ Union Organizing Transport Lines

Al Hasakah – The drivers’ union in Hasakah continues to organize internal and external transport lines and supervises and organize the role between the drivers and the organization of the lines of transport, the taxi drivers, supervising the work of the supervisors on the lines and solving the problems of the drivers.

The joint head of the drivers’ union in Hasakah, Mohammed Ismail Al Saleh, confirmed that they organize the internal and external transport lines and supervise the lines, and the licenses are given to them through the union and to determine the shipping and transportation rates.

The ” Mohammed Ismail Al Saleh, ” that they have a specific system supervisor of internal and external transport lines has been assigned to organize drivers and the roles between them to suit the interests of the driver and the citizen.

Al Saleh, the trucks and tanks belonging to “Satkop”company, we have a joint coordination to regulate the roles between the drivers and the securing of fuel materials, where the stations have been identified the internal transport fuel station has been identified then Hassan external station, Panorama station and Sanabile station.

At the end of his speech, Al-Saleh said that they are providing buses during the martyrdom ceremony for martyrs’ families and people in coordination with the Martyrs Families Foundation, local councils and municipalities.

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