Education in Tabqa .. Between yesterday and today

Tabqa – Tabqa schools return to overcrowded newly and overcrowded children overcrowded, the desire of parents to teach their children after years of school outages.

The educational process was resumed last year after students had been out of school for more than three years.

The Committee of Education in Tabqa made great efforts to make the educational process in the city a success, after it considered last year an “emergency” for education. The efforts focused on the need to open all schools and rehabilitation the destroyed ones to relieve the pressure on schools overcrowded with students, in addition to the rehabilitation of teachers and training in methods and methods of teaching, in several training courses organized by the “Education Committee” at different times of last year and last summer.

After all these efforts, there was an improvement in the level of education among students and an improvement in teachers’ performance of their duty.

   A simple comparison between the numbers of students and teachers in the past year and the current year, the amount of the educational process in Tabqa is shown.

   The number of schools in the last school year reached (190) schools, and this year (200) schools in Tabqa and rural areas, of which 45 school were fully rehabilitated. The number of teachers in the last school year reached 1749 teachers, 1945 / They were trained in three separate courses.

The number of students in the past year reached 47386 of which 24,200 were students in the first grade. The current number reached 75,462, of which 31,000 were in the first grade.

Member of the Joint Presidency of the Education Committee, “Mohamed Al-Nayef,” stressed the continuity of efforts to make the educational process a success, to build an educated generation capable of contributing to the building of society and its leadership in the future.

From the organizational point of view, a union of teachers has been formed to identify their problems and resolve the difficulties, that they are faced in the educational process and answer all their questions.

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