Fighter of my country

 “Ahmed Juma” was born in Tabqa city, one of the fighters within the ranks of SDF in Martyr “Redor” regiment in Tabqa, he joined at the beginning of 2017 and took part in the battle to liberate his region and the battle of liberating “Raqqa” Ahmed Juma, born in Tabqa region, one of the fighters within SDF ranks, In the liberation of the Children’s Hospital, Al-Deraiya district, in addition to his participation in Easifat Al Jazeera campaign (liberation of AL-Omar field).

He supported the fighters in the northern Raqqa countryside to liberate the civilians who were used by terrorism as humanity shields, various battles fought by Ahmad after receiving difficult training in SDF academies.

Ahmed was detained for a month at the local stadium in Raqqa city. He was accused of being a hidden cell of the enemy. He was tortured with the worst methods and deprived of eating for a week. He was then helped by civilians fleeing the hell, when the local stadium was bombing coalition jets, and Ahmed remained hiding in secret until SDF arrived and joined its ranks.

“The reason for my joining SDF is to lift injustice from people of my regions and other areas, and to liberate the people of my village from the injustice of that terrorism, ,he has undergone military training and tactics, and because SDF are the real force that defeats terrorism, lifts injustice and spreads security and peace.” Ahmed said.

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