funeral of four martyrs in Al Hasakah

Hasakah – Residents of Hassakah city and neighboring villages on Thursday mourned the bodies of four martyrs to their last resting place at the martyrs’ cemetery in Daoudiyah.

The ceremony began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by SDF fighters, and then a number speeches were delivered, including a speech on behalf of the military forces, “Tolfin Nidal”, praised the martyrs and praised the tournaments and obvious sacrifices that they made in order to liberate this land, SDF continues in its struggle against terrorism until it is eliminated and all its collaborators .

 “Ayat Ibrahim” on behalf of Martyrs Families Foundation in Shaddadi spoke.

“We should now be proud of our heroic Youths. If we were not under the oppression of the terrorists, our martyrs are the ones who painted the way of freedom with their pure blood, and in turn, we promise them to follow this way.

The ceremony concluded by the handing over of martyrdom documents to the martyrs’ families on the occasion of the singing and the revolutionary songs

The martyrs are Mohammed al-Mohammed, Bashar al-Jawhar, Hatem Azzam, Khalaf al-Mohammed.

SDF. Media Center


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