Graduation of the sixth course of the intellectual academy of Democratic Society

Tabqa – The Democratic Society academy in Tabqa city graduated its sixth course with the participation of 35 trainees in the name of the martyr ” Asaad Tabqa”. The graduation came in order to consolidate the concept of the democratic nation and the principles of cooperation and free, common life among the people of region.

The graduation began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. The speech was delivered by Farzandah Munther, the head of the democratic society academies in Syrian north, the graduation of this course came this month, when Raqqa city was liberated from terrorism last year. The establishment of the democratic civil administration of Tabqa region was announced. today you will be ready to exercise your role in society effectively, and to stand up for its problems and difficulties and be able to solve it.

In her turn she said, “Raeda Al-Ali” of Mansoura Water Unit and one of the graduates of the course, said that ” I recognized the principle of the democratic nation and equality between woman and man, the role of woman in society and the need to take their active role to practice it freely and democratically”.

At the end of graduation, graduates were handed over books on the principles of the democratic nation.

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