Hassakah Health Directorate: Opens Three clinics

Hassakeh – The Directorate of Health in Hassakah continues to perform its professional duties in order to ensure the health and safety of the people and to reach a healthy and orderly society free of diseases.

The Directorate gave the organizational situation great importance in order to eliminate the random spread of pharmacies in different places. Five pharmacies were transferred to people’s municipalities to conduct the so-called “kroki”, a measure of the distance between pharmacies the distance between a pharmacy and another should not be less than 25m.

The Directorate closed through its ongoing rounds (3) drug warehouses for violating regulations and laws related to health and safety standards.

The Directorate of Health in Hassakeh has no objection to (6) organizations and health centers to provide medical services, according to “Perivan Darwish,” the official of the follow-up and monitoring committee, including:

  • Irc does not object to provide its medical services in the area of Shaddadi and its countryside.
  • Do not mind the Hassaka Charity Association for the establishment of a nursing course and first aid at the headquarters of the Association in Hassakeh.
  • Do not mind the tuberculosis center for conducting surveys to investigate tuberculosis patients in Hassakeh province.

She added that the Directorate opened in coordination and cooperation with the Health Council three new clinics, a clinic in Merkdeh town and another in Tall Taouial town and the third was in Tel Majdal town.

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