HomenewsInstallation of 5 Electric transformers in Raqqa Al Samra village

Installation of 5 Electric transformers in Raqqa Al Samra village

Raqqa – The Energy Committee of Raqqa Civil Council works in coordination with the organizations to restore electricity to Al-Raqqa Al-Samra village, which is located in the eastern part of Raqqa city after an interruption for more than one year.

5 electric transformers were installed to feed the village, through which electric Power will be connected to the water pumps through which agricultural land and trees will be irrigated to compensate farmers for their losses last season, Jassim Al Abbas said, the joint head of People’s Municipality in AL-Raqqa Al Samra.

He added that the workers in Energy Department are working on the maintenance of lines and cables, which have been sabotaged and stolen by the terrorist organizations

“When the electrical current was cut, we had an ampere generators, knowing that it did not cover the needs of the main house,” Mahmoud Salem, a village resident said.

At the end of his speech, Al Salem praised of People’s Municipality role in Al-Samra, which carries out its daily work of serving the citizens by meeting the needs of the village.

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