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Land license according to a new agricultural plan

Hasakeh – The Directorate of Agriculture in Hasakah province began the first practical steps for the next agricultural season, through the opening of the license for winter agricultural crops, wheat comes at the forefront of it.

According to a new agricultural plan that will meet the needs of the market from various winter crops. The plan will license 50% of the land area to grow wheat, 25% to grow all kinds of pulses, and 5% to grow winter vegetables.

Hozan Abdo, the joint head of the Agriculture Directorate in Hasakeh province, said that the Directorate would provide wheat seeds to the farmers at a price of160 l.S per k.g/ although the Directorate had received the crop last season at 175 L.S per k.g for the farmers and except transportation, screening and sterilization wages, to help farmers and to encourage Agriculture.

As for the issue of wheat, which is sold on the black market at a price lower than the price of the Directorate, where it sells for 140 L.S per k.g

The agricultural engineer, Ghada Al-Hussein, said: “These items are very bad and we do not recommend them. diseases, including insect pests and was returned by us, that was only suitable for animal fodder.

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