Life will continue … despite the pain

Despite the wounds left by the war in Raqqa city, and despite the tragedies and various physical injuries as a result of mines and missiles that its people were suffered, remains hope, and remains the determination of the sons of Raqqa city to live.

Ali al-Mousa, a resident of Raqqa city Hizma” roundabout,30-year-old a businessman. After the liberation from terrorism, he returned to his house and fell under the trap of mines. He was hit and his legs were cut and “shrapnel” in his body.

He was transferred rapidly to “Hizme” clinic for first aid and then transferred to the “Tel Abyad” National Hospital for treatment. After doctors followed up his health, they decided to amputate his legs to preserve his life.

Al-Mousa is currently selling fuel in an effort to return to life and earn its living without resorting to others.

Al-Mousa appeals to humanitarian organizations societies to look at those who have been injured by mines and lost one of their limbs and to help them, especially since most of them lost their homes during the war.

SDF . Media Center


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