Mansoura Education Committee Opening of “66” schools

Tabqa – The Education Committee in Mansoura started its work on 14/8/2017, such as repairing, renovating and rehabilitating schools. By the beginning of 2018 year, the Commission began to secure books, chairs, blackboard and other school supplies.

“Ibrahim Al-Karim” member of the Education Committee in Mansoura city spoke to us on the reality of the educational process in the city and its countryside, saying: At the beginning of the school year we opened 66 schools, and these schools extend from Safsafa village west to Dalha village east, and the number of students twenty thousand students and it is expected That the number reaches thirty thousand.

He added: “Karim:” The schools were equipped with a thousand of  seats and a number of blackboards, stationery and water tanks, distributed to a number of schools that suffer from shortages, We have opened several teacher training courses.

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