Military Trainings in Martyr “Kandil Salhbi” Regiment

Tabqa-“Kandil Salhbia” Regiment is One of the military Regiments in SDF was formed a year after the formation, it was formed after the number of SDF fighters in the region was increased, each course in regiment lasts for 45 days, to train military fighters.

“Abdul Ghafoor Borgas,” the military trainer in the regiment confirmed: The military training received by the fighters are morning exercises and evening sports, exercises for special forces the art of self-protection and civilians during the fighting, and special exercises on how to save combatants injured in battlefields and training on how to use light and medium weapons in addition to political lessons received by regiment fighters.

On the training course, which the fighters received “Bergas” said it is the second in the regiment and bore the name of the martyr “Rafid” and the number of joining fighters / 233 / fighters. After the fighters finish their training, they are distributed on various fronts, including the fighting fronts in Deir EZ-Zour.

Abd al-Rahman al-Nafaa, a member of the al-Mansoura district, was a member of the internal security forces for one year and a half. Then he moved to SDF ranks. He underwent training such as the arts of combat and techniques and various weapons. After the training, I will join the fighters in the last battle to defeat terrorism.

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