New agricultural plans to support agriculture sector in Tabqa

Tabqa – Most of the agricultural crops suffered severe damage due to the bad climatic conditions that prevailed in the region, resulting in significant losses to farmers, as well as the lack of irrigation water in the past period.

The Agriculture Committee of Raqqa Civil Council has raised the Agricultural Plan for the year 2018 (2019), which includes supporting of agricultural sector, assisting and supporting farmers, and encouraging them to cultivate strategic crops such as wheat and cotton.

This year, agriculture supporting includes the distribution of diesel to farmers at a rate of (4) liters per irrigated dunum and (2) liters per rainfed dunum, in addition to providing fertilizer at economic prices.

After significant damage to the cotton crop this year, the Directorate of Agriculture expects a significant increase in the proportion of land to be cultivated with wheat at the expense of cotton crop areas, because farmers can cultivate a summer crop after wheat harvest.

“Despite the development witnessed by the agriculture sector this year and the increase in irrigated agricultural land due to the stability and rehabilitation of irrigation water networks, the agricultural sector still suffers from some problems such as irrigation water shortage, As a result of the drop in water coming from Turkey in the Euphrates River and the climatic factors that led to major disasters for the agriculture sector.

“In the coming period, new measures will be taken to support agriculture, to improve the mechanism of marketing crops, and help farmers.”

SDF . Media Center


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