Office of Military Relations in the Eastern Region

Hasakah – Military Office Relations in SDF in the Eastern Region continues to hold meetings with elders and dignitaries in the eastern region to resolve outstanding problems among the tribes and open a dialogue among all, and listen to the opinions of the elders and dignitaries of tribes in the region.

A member of Military Office Relations in Eastern region, “Rosad Zafi,” confirmed in an interview that their work is in full done, and that they continue to hold meetings with all elders and dignitaries of the eastern region, to resolve their problems and listen to their guidance as representatives of Large population segments in the region.

“Rosad Zafi,” pointed out that they have held a reconciliation meeting for three issues that were stuck between the tribes in Qamishli and Tribsbia, including reprisals among families from the region. We also receive many complaints from citizens. The number of complaints submitted to our office reached 36 complaints. Most of them have been resolved We seek to resolve them, which cannot be resolved and directed to the security authorities and concerned institutions to be considered.

Zafi said: “We as relations office visit the Martyrs families and offer condolences to them in coordination with Martyrs families Office”.

SDF . Media Center


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