Opening of Women’s Council in Mashlab district

Raqqa – The Women’s Department in Raqqa opened a Women’s Council in Mashlab district. The opening ceremony was attended by leaders of SDF, the Internal Security Forces, members of the Civil Administrations of the Women’s Offices in the Syrian North, the Families of the Martyrs and a number of Syrian Women. the opening began by a minute of silence for martyrs’ souls, on behalf of the Foundation of the Families of the Martyrs “Fatima Al-Issa” congratulated the opening of the Council, which is a positive step in the current circumstances and a victory for all women who have suffered from the scourge of terrorism.

In an interview with “Zlikha Abdi” administrative in the Board of Directors of Women in Raqqa said: The number of councils that opened in Raqqa (13) offices, and the Council will represent women in the neighborhood and defend, solve the problems that women are exposed, and political cadres represent women to be able to Keep abreast of developments and political events taking place in the region. “Abdi” congratulated the people of Raqqa city and the families of martyrs for the first anniversary of the liberation of their city,

The woman gave great achievements at the city level and promised to follow the way of martyrs until victory and justice will be achieved for all Syrian citizens and to make Syria a decentralized and multiplicity that believes in the freedom of the individual and the will of women in justice and equality.

In conclusion, the opening ribbon was cut by the Martyrs’ Families Foundation in Raqqa.

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