Opening Of Young Women House In Tabqa City

Tabqa- “the Democratic Civil Administration” of Tabqa region opened the House of Young Women which bore the name of “Martyr Helen Judy”. The opening was attended by members of the administration, the House of Women and a number of civic activities.

During the opening ceremony, a number of speeches were delivered at the opening ceremony. “Fatima Attia”, on behalf of the young woman, welcomed the guests and said:

“The struggle of women is the freedom of society from Zenobia to the present day, and we promise every woman to give her rights that she has been deprived of it.”

“Rochin Hami” gave a speech in the name of the Democratic Civil Administration of Tabqa, blessing the opening and said:

“We opened this house because we know that women are half the society, and they have a lot to do”.

“Hami” stressed the importance of the role of women and how they fought for their freedom. They stand side by side with men in fighting the terrorist organizations.

In the name of the youth in Syrian north, “Media Yusuf” said: “We welcome the opening of the house, which helps women to obtain their rights that were deprived of it when terrorist Daesh organization controlled the region, and invited all young girls to join the House to be effective elements in society”.

SDF. Media Center


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