Outcome of engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1- Al-Bagouz axis: violent engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists in the evening. The terrorists used all kinds of heavy weapons, trying to break the front lines of our fighters. They set fire to the tires to prevent the detection of their movements and positions by coalition Air Force. Several positions of them, killing one of them a number of terrorists, while destroyed some command and guidance centers as well.

The terrorists tried to attack four car bombs with our fighter points, but our fighters managed to kill one driver. His body was taken into the hands of our fighters and the car was taken. The other three vehicles were targeted by our fighters with heavy propelled grenades and heavy weapons, our fighters also seized weapons and communications equipment

The coalition artillery targeted four terrorist sites, which resulted in the destruction and the killing of a number of their elements, we were unable to know their numbers.

Our fighters were able to advance on the front, despite the presence of mines planted by the organization in the area.

On the other side of this axis, the terrorists attempted a counter-attack against our forces, targeting a bulldozer of our troops that was damaged, but the attack was attacked and several were killed. Our fighters seized a number of weapons and military equipment.

After our forces tightened control over half of the town of Sousse, they continue to advance in their neighborhoods to liberate the entire town from the terrorists.

Our fighters also launched an attack on terrorist positions from three sub-axes. They advanced 1 km on the first axis and were able to install 14 new points, while the International Alliance aircraft bombed several sites for terrorists, but the damage was not known.

The terrorists tried to take the initiative in launching a counter-attack. They fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a building that our fighters had liberated. The building was destroyed and some of our fighters were injured. They were taken to the field hospitals.

As they advanced in the second axis distance of / 2 / km and were able to install / 19 / new points and the seizure of a car carrying a gun Dushka caliber / 12.5 / mm and killed a number of terrorists, after violent clashes.

As they advanced in the third axis distance of 3.5.5 km and were able to install (6) new points, following clashes and battles with the terrorist organization.

In the evening, our fighters advanced a distance of 1 km and set 17 new positions after clashes with terrorists who resorted to indiscriminate shelling with mortars and heavy artillery.

Sporadic clashes continued until the liberation.

For the second day in a row, the town of Sousse witnessed the heaviest clashes between our fighters and a terrorist who called after our troops stormed the town since yesterday.

Continuing clashes have caused great losses among the terrorists amid significant progress of our forces, where the village of Hawi al-Sousse was liberated adjacent to the town, and our forces took control of most of the town’s neighborhoods, while liberation was a matter of time.

2- Hajin axis: engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists “dodging” in this axis, while the terrorists resorted to the bombardment of long, using heavy weapons and mortars and the buses, but did not result in any damage to the ranks of our fighters, and our forces responded to them through the bombing center, after To locate their launch sites and to monitor their movements, but the losses suffered by the terrorist organization were not known.

This axis is currently witnessing mutual bombardment of mortars from time to time.

3-The final outcome of the engagements:

– Number of terrorist deaths: 29 / Terrorist.

– Terrorist losses: 7 buildings were destroyed that used command and launch sites.

– Weapons and equipment seized by our fighters: Weapon (BKC) number / 2 /, Kalashnikov number 1, Rocket number 1 /, Hittra type / 1 / (12.5) mm.

– Number of strikes by coalition: 10 strikes.

  1. M) Number of missile strikes: 6 / Hummer missiles.

SDF.Media Center

23 October 2018


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