Outcome of engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

The area of engagements has been exposed for more than 17 days to sand storms, which limit the vision, which the terrorist organization used to launch counter-attacks against our troops using booby-trapped vehicles and suicide elements, in light of the ineffectiveness of coalition aircraft to attack their positions because of the storm.
But our fighters have foiled all attacks and have killed dozens of ISIS ranks

During two days of clashes and confrontations, more than 80 terrorists were killed and heavy equipment losses were incurred.

1-Al-Bagouz axis: The terrorist organization launched an attack on the points of our fighters in the hours of yesterday evening, followed by violent engagements, in which our fighters targeted 7 sites of terrorists, and continued the engagements to the full extent of this afternoon, our fighters were able to defeat and killed more than 17 terrorists. While Coalition artillery targeted terrorist sites, and also destroyed several fortifications by the alliance with the missiles, “Hymers”, amid the flight of a number of airs on a number of points and concentrations of terrorists, one of which targeted a car bomb, where the driver was killed.

The engagements spread yesterday to other wings of the seam lines. These clashes are the most violent of its kind, in which a number of terrorists were killed, while the Coalition aircraft raided several locations and destroyed fortifications and points.

As the engagements continued, there were rallies of terrorists behind the front lines. Our forces targeted them, causing a number of deaths in their ranks, dispersing their ranks. Our fighters failed to plan the terrorists to prepare for an attack on our positions.

On the other side of the front, the terrorists launched an attack on the positions of our fighters, but were attacked. A number of terrorists were killed at some point. Some of them were killed in the hands of our forces. Our fighters seized a number of weapons and quantities of ammunition. for them

2- Hajin axis: Our fighters thwarted to a broad attack launched by the terrorist organization on the points and positions of our fighters, and broke out during strong engagements, which resulted in the deaths of a number of terrorists, in addition to injuring several others

This axis witnessed intermittent engagements until the moment of preparation of this outcome.

3-The final outcome of the engagements

Number of terrorist deaths: /37 / Terrorist

Terrorist losses: the destruction of 13 buildings where terrorists were holed up, the closure of two roads used by terrorists on their movement, the destruction of nine defensive positions, the destruction of a vehicle carrying Dushka weapons

number of strikes of Coalition: / 14 / strike

Number of rockets fired by the Coalition on terrorist positions: /18 / Hummer missiles

During the ongoing engagements and violent battles, 14 of our fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom after having shown great tournaments, while several others were wounded.

The engagements continue as fiercely as possible until the moment of preparation.

SDF .Media Center

26/27 October 2018

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