People’s municipality In Tabqa completes the restoration and paving of the city streets

Tabqa – Within the group of activities aimed to improve the service reality within Tabqa city, People’s municipality in Tabqa continues to pave the main roads and entrances within the city.

After the completion of the maintenance of sewage networks, the municipality began the second phase, paving and repair roads and entrances of the city.

Where the municipality began paving the entrance to the dam and the wide street, as well as work on the rehabilitation of Mafraq road, which is one of the most important roads in the city.

In this regard, the supervisor engineer of paving roads, “Mohammed Al-Hamoud,” pointed out that the workshops began work in the rehabilitation of Subways and main roads in the city.

He added: After activating the asphalt plant, we have paved several streets within the city, explaining that they are now paving and asphalt the international road in the southern entrance of the city.

“Ahmed al-Louash” from the city resident, he thanked People’s municipality for its efforts to improve the services reality and stressed the low rate of road accidents since the municipality began its work in repairing and paving the roads network within the city.

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