Receiving the chlorine engines for the filtration water station in Raqqa

Raqqa – One year after the pumping station was rehabilitated after it was repaired due to the destruction, looting and theft that was suffered by Daesh and their collaborators.

The work of the station was initially limited to diesel fuel to operate pump engines for the delivery of water, and in the fourth month of this year was the delivery of a service line that is feeding the station by electricity to irrigate Kassrat villages and Raqqa city.

“Abdo Abdul Qader”, who is in charge of the water stations in Raqqa city, feeds the entire Raqqa city and its countryside to 9500 liters per hour. And we received / 11 / new chlorine pumps from Raqqa civil Council and installed, and was confirmed after the examination that the water filtration and chlorination has reached high limit of liquidation.

“Abdul Qadir” noted that daily schedules are provided by the chlorine committee from the beginning of the service line to its end.

SDF. Media Center


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