Repair of sewage networks in Raqqa

Raqqa – The Water and Sewage Networks Committee of Raqqa Civil Council has started working on the rehabilitation of the sewage network at the intersection of 23 Feb street and Bab Baghdad after receiving complaints from citizens.

The workshops started working in coordination with people’s municipality to repair the faults, Asaad Al Nahar, head of the Water and Sanitation Networks Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council said:

Asaad Al Nahar, said that they received complaints from citizens of this region, with malfunctions and damages in the sewage and leakage of contaminated water and the spread of odors and fear of the spread of diseases due to these smells, we began work mechanisms to withdraw contaminated water, and then replace the old pipes with concrete cisterns, the Committee Monitors all lines in the city to detect and repair faults and evaluate the reality of the network.

For his part, of the citizen, “Bashar Sheikh,” praised the work carried out by the Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa civil council, and meet their request directly and intervene to solve the problem, almost to be a major cause of the spread of diseases.

It is worth to mention that the length of the project / 2 / km serving neighborhoods from Hittin school up to AL -sour about a third of Raqqa city.

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