“School Committee” celebrates students of summer courses

Hasakah – The School Committee at the Directorate of Education in Al-Hasakah held a large celebration for the students who participated in the summer courses at Ali Bakr and Jan Hajjar schools on the occasion of the completion of these courses.

In the presence of representatives of the education committees and parents of the students, the ceremony began by a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs followed by a speech by the course’s supervisor “Khalil Mohammed,” who welcomed the audience and congratulated the students for this great success  that they have achieved during the last short period, and stressed that the purpose of the establishment of such courses was to keep children away from the disadvantages and dangers of playing in the street during the summer season and support them and develop their talents by teaching them to play some musical instruments, drawing and taekwondo.

After that, the students began to perform an acoustic presentation by playing musical instruments (violin, guitar and oud) with some folklore songs, followed by a combat presentation by the children who underwent Taekwondo course amid great interaction of the parents. at the end of the ceremony, the certificates were distributed to trainees.


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