Self – Defense Authority .. Facilities for expatriates and students

Hasaka – Within the framework of its organized work and purposeful to encourage expatriates to return to the homeland and contribute to its construction, the Self-Defense Authority, represented by the sub-recruitment centers, provides facilities that are related self-defense duty.

Where the recruitment centers issue self-defense book for expatriates coming from different countries to visit their families and relatives in the Syrian north, on the basis of the passport and residence card and the flight tickets or transit paper in the event of the expatriate coming through the road crossing Simalka with Iraq.

The joint head of the recruitment office in Hasakah, “Thoraya Hassan,” that the expatriate has the right to postpone for two consecutive years after the payment of a sum of 200 dollars on the condition of renewal of the postponement each year, and students who have dropped out of study during the past years to request a postponement for one year after settling their situation in Universities provided that the student’s age does not exceed 26 years.

Ragheb Sino, a young expatriate in Germany for the past 7 years, who is coming to the recruitment office to issue the self-defense book, thanked all those who worked in this center for the facilities that they provided.

“Sino” also noted that the decision of the self-defense authority to postpone expatriates encouraged many young people to come to the country and I am one of them.


SDF. Media Center



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