Self-Defense Committee opens volunteering door

Raqqa – The “Self-Defense Committee” issued a statement in which it opened the door to “volunteering” for young men and women in Raqqa city.

  Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Self-Defense in Raqqa Civil Council “Samira Al-Ahmad” read the statement:

“The duty of self-defense and self-protection is a national and humanitarian duty of all members of society to defend the borders of the homeland and its institutions, and to maintain coexistence, equality and unity of diversity to create a free democratic society, And the threat of external and terrorist attacks and What is exposed to the Syrian north of attacks from hostile parties targeting our democratic project, led by terrorists headed by Daesh organization and targeting innocent citizens of all social components and tampering with the poles and culture of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples in the region. The Committee for Protection and Self-Defense in Raqqa city opens the door for “volunteerism” and invites young men and women in Raqqa to join this campaign”.

After the statement was read the volunteering conditions were read and the most important of it, volunteer must be at least 18 years of age.

SDF . Media Center


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