“Shahid Akad Academy” Graduates its First Course

Al-Hasakah- Martyr Akad Academy Graduates its first course in the “Martyr Ardeghla” regiment of the Syriac Military Council. 100 fighters were included in the course which was lasted for 45 days and in the name of “martyr Scunder,

During which the fighters received training on light weapons and heavy military tactics in Incursion and street war in addition to political and cultural lessons.

The Ceremony began by a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs and then the fighters performed a military parade in the presence of a number of leaders of SDF and the Internal Security Forces.

The academy’s official, Sunhirib Akad, gave a speech in which he praised the fighters for their discipline and seriousness in training. he noted the need to share the components of the Syrian north in all areas of military and civilian life to thwart any external plan aimed at disrupting security and sedition.

Akad Ashur said: “It is the political and military courses that are honing the fighter’s skill and free thinking. We will follow the way that our leaders and martyrs have painted for us to reach our goals.”

The ceremony ended by performance of the military Oath in defense of the gains and walking in way of the martyrs to liberate the last inch of the territory of Syria.

   SDF. Media Center


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