“Social Justice Committee” holds a broad meeting of lawyers

Raqqa – at the invitation of the “Social Justice Committee” in Raqqa Civil Council” The meeting was attended by a group of lawyers and students of the Faculty of Law, to discuss the mechanism of developing judicial work and the difficulties and legal problems that are facing the citizens and ways of solving it.

“Ali Darwish” The chairman of the Social Justice Committee” spoke during the meeting about the need of the city at this stage to the existence of courts to resolve people’s issues and solve their daily problems, and the need for judges and lawyers capable of carrying out the burdens assigned to them and to be as a link between the courts and civilians.

“Al-Darwish” stressed the importance of guaranteeing the rights of civilians who have suffered from loss in recent years. He also called for reassuring them and urging civilians to trust in the courts and the need to approach them in the event of differences between them and between people and the different official Departments

The participants also discussed the views and ideas of young human lawyers to fill the legal gaps that constitute an obstacle to civilians and ways to solve them, and discussed how to develop judicial work.

At the end of the meeting, legal and practical formulas were put in place which included the stages of work in the coming days and its implementation as soon as possible .

SDF . Media Center


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