Start Distributing Heating Diesel in Raqqa

Raqqa – The Fuels committee of Raqqa Civil Council works to secure the fuel oil for bakery, mills, internal transport, ampere generators and hospitals.

As the winter season approaches, 1,500,000 liters will be distributed to citizens in Raqqa city for heating. This is confirmed by Khalil Arab, the director of Satakub in Raqqa city. The distribution will be carried out by five committees that will be monitored by Raqqa Civil Council. On the distribution process.

He added that ” Khalil Arab ” The distribution process will be through the tables have been raised by the neighborhood Chair in the city of their councils and are counted and send fuel to them.

Each family will receive 400 liters of diesel and the price per liter is (55 L.S)

 It worth to mention that the price per liter is 110 L.S in the market.

SDF. Media Center


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