Start Distribution of Heating Diesel in Mansoura And Its Countryside

Tabqa – People’s Municipality in Mansoura and its villages began to distribute fuel for the villages of Abu Quba West, Abu Rajab, Barouda and al-Hawrah, it will be distributed 200 liters for each house at 11,500 L.S.

“Saleh al-Nasser,” a citizen of  Barouda village thanked the Civil Administration for providing all services to the people and said: The distribution of fuel at low prices is a good step to help families that do not have the ability to buy it .”Abdul Karim al-Zaiter ” the Joint Chairman of the People’s Municipality in AL-Hamam village stressed that : diesel will be distributed  to the village of Hneida and surrounding villages and we are working to provide the required services for  winter season and there will be coming batches of diesel substance for distribution.

SDF. Media Center


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