Syrian Women’s Council Academy opens its sixth Course

Tabqa- The Syrian Women’s Council opened Thursday its sixth course, which bore the name of the martyr Helen Arab, which included 24 female members from comines and local councils. The course will last for 25 days.

The trainees receive courses on the importance of women’s rights and their role in society, and the importance of activating this role for the advancement of the society, in addition to lessons on the history of women from the earliest ages to the current stage, explaining the suffering of past times that were treated very poor, Women in the democratic society in which they live now and how women reconcile their rights and duties to their families and homes.

“Women are currently enjoying their full rights in a free and equal society,” Solin Ali, head of the Center for Women in Tabqa, said. “The aim of organizing such academic courses for women is to raise the level of women’s culture, in its role and training in the collective academic work aimed at developing the society through its management in a way that is better form Parallel to the development that is taking place.

“The benefits of academic training and its applications will be reflected in the daily life of women through the development of how they deal with the challenges that may be an obstacle to their progress and success in performing their role effectively in participating in community management.

SDF . Media Center


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