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The Academy of Syrian Women’s Council in Tabqa graduated its fifth Course

Tabqa -The Syrian Women’s Council, graduated the fifth course, on Saturday, which bore the name of martyr Amaragi,30 trainees from various administrative institutions included in the course which lasted for 25 days.

The trainees received in this course lessons on the importance of women role in society, organization and international federations, self-criticism and the history of women from the earliest ages to the current stage, their role in societies and their suffering and the importance of giving them rights and activating them in society and achieving equality.

The graduation ceremony began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. Nisreen Derek, the academy’s official, spoke about this role “The woman is currently at the height of her development and has actively contributed to the movement of development and progress that is taking place in Syrian north. We seek all women to be A wide range of culture, experience and skill, especially working women, who have the most important role in building society and spreading culture in it. ”

The trainee Walaa Ahmed stressed that her goal of joining this course is to benefit from the academic training and its applications in daily life and to learn about the principles and values that women must have in the democratic society. In addition to how women deal with the challenges that may impede their progress and success. In performing its role effectively in the community.


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