HomedialogueThe displaced … strangers in their own country

The displaced … strangers in their own country

Tabqa – “Tabqa city” and its countryside have been a safe haven for a large number of the people who left their homes and everything behind them. They came to Tabqa and its countryside and other areas in search of security and stability and salvation from the scourge of war.

Where Tabqa received before the liberation a large number of people of the countryside of Aleppo and the eastern suburbs of Hama and Homs, and continued this city and its people to receive refugees after the liberation, where large numbers came of Raqqa and Deir EZ-Zour people.

The number of displaced families in Tabqa city reached 15236, according to the statistics of the ” Office of Organization Affairs ” in Tabqa, including 412 families living in 16 shelters in Tabqa schools and more than 450 families in “Tuehina ” camp, And the rest are distributed between the neighborhoods of Tabqa and its countryside, forming in some villages is more like what is known as random housing communities at the outskirts of villages.

The displaced situation is different between the countryside, the city and the camp ,the majority of people living in rural areas have gone to work in agriculture and seek jobs in the countryside. The refugees in the city depend on the support of some people and humanitarian organizations (almouda, conceren and others), but this support It is not enough because it is provided on an intermittent basis, but the situation of the displaced people of Al-Tuwaheina camp is the worst, because the camp is far from Tabqa city, it obstructed the arrival of the humanitarian organizations to the camp. Despite the preparation of the ground camp “Mahmudli” near the city to move the camp Start date Next year the camp “Tuweihina” will transfer, most of the camp residents prefer to stay in this camp on the banks of the Euphrates Dam lake despite all the indications that their situation change for the better in the new camp.

A member of the joint presidency of the Office of Organizations affairs in Tabqa “Omar Sulaiman” said in a speech that the Organizations Office and in cooperation with the civil administration in Tabqa seeks to provide everything possible to support the displaced and alleviate their suffering, and to guide humanitarian organizations to support them by providing statistics on their numbers and places Despite the return of many families to their cities and villages, but the number currently in Tabqa city and its countryside is very large, and “Sulaiman” hoped greater support by humanitarian organizations to alleviate the displaced suffering.

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